How to Write a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is a well researched, detailed, written report; this will be available for inside or outside organisation to evaluate a company. Marketing plans can be an essential document for either large corporate companies or for a start up business.

The Marketing plan

  • Can help marketing personnel to look internally so that they understand the results of past marketing strategies and decisions.
  • Helps to set future goals thus, giving direction for everyone in the business can understand, and support.
  • For a new business it is an important component to obtain funding for a start-up business.

Reasons for creating a marketing plan

  • Could be needed for part of yearly planning initiative in a marketing functional area.
  • Could be used for a specialised strategy when introducing something new to the company. This can include new products, new strategies for planning, or trying out a new strategy to fix an existing plan that is not working that well.
  • Introduce a new business in order to obtain support to get the new business up and running.

Creating the marketing plan

  • Research and planning, you need to understand your customers potential and existing and to look at what they need so you can provide those needs.
  • You will also be on the lookout for areas to grow and prosper.
  • You need to implement your strategies and track the progress of these strategies.

An Established business

  • When creating the marketing plan you need to summarise your present situation.
  • Look at your present financial results and possible future financial needs.
  • You current sales figures and the trends to see where you can improve sales.
  • Understand your customer satisfaction is it on par with what you envisage it should be or do you need to improve service to obtain better customer satisfaction.
  • What is your market share and how can you improve it.
  • The level of repeat business, all companies can improve repeat business so you need to be constantly on the lookout for ways of increasing repeat business.

The marketing plan for an existing business should be a ‘blue print’ that the relevant members of the team or organisation can refer to when necessary it should also be updated during the year when necessary. The purpose of the marketing plan is to provide a structured approach to the business this helps the sales personnel to keep focused on the marketing strategy, and gives the marketing manager the opportunity to keep an eye on how the marketing is going and utilize ways of improving strategy if needed.

Situation Analysis For Marketing Plans – What Every Business Needs And How You Can Get It All Free!

Situation analysis for marketing plans is one of the most important factors towards determining the success or failure of marketing your business. In this article I’ll show you some key factors that every marketing plan should include based upon situational analysis and then I’ll show how you can drastically reduce the high costs of your marketing plan by using the power of the internet.

Situation analysis for marketing plans is critical for creating an accurate plan of action towards marketing your business to your audience. A good marketing plan should always be based on current information and should include the following points:

  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing Vehicle
  • Tracking

Let’s take a closer look at each of these issues to see what each issue incorporates.

Market Analysis

This is the area where you need to take a good look at the demand for your product, who your potential customers are, who your current competition is and what your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is.

Marketing Vehicle

How you plan to get your message out to the masses and what the costs involved are is critical to the success of any business. The method you choose should be balanced between what is proven to work and your budget. How familiar you are with your marketing vehicle also comes into play because the time it takes for you to learn a new method of advertising could be used to get more customers.


You should always have implemented a way of tracking your results. This is the only way of knowing whether or not your marketing efforts are working. Once you are able to track your results, you can then modify your efforts to improve on what you already have established or venture into other avenues of advertising.

These are 3 very basic characteristics that every marketing plan should cover and address. The more information you have about the marketing plan that you choose to implement, the better your results will be.

A Better Way

What if you could get all your marketing needs done for you absolutely FREE? Contrary to what you might be thinking right now, this is indeed possible, and here’s how to do it:

  • Build a simple website explaining your products or services explaining why people should have it, and why they should get it from you
  • Provide an area on your website where readers can submit their information in exchange for more information from you
  • Start submitting information on the web using articles, videos and forum posts about all the benefits of using your products or services.
  • Within each of your articles, videos or posts you place a link that brings the reader back to your website

This is the best situation analysis for marketing plans today because it blends the new technology of the internet with already proven marketing strategies. Think about it, right now there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of people searching the internet for information on the products or services that you can provide. All you need to do is get your information in front of them, and they can become your customers.

Do You Have a Marketing Plan for Your MLM Opportunity?

So let’s say you have bought in to your MLM opportunity, you have set your sights on the top, being the best of the best and you have got that “new relationship” excitement. So you start telling the world, well you think your telling the world. You’ve hit up your friends and family, connected with your mailman, maybe even your dentist and you’ve had little to no response. So now what?

You get discouraged, you question yourself and your dream. You begin to wonder why it didn’t work. Your enroller or up-line makes it sounds so simple and effortless. So what’s wrong with me, right?

Wrong, your dream isn’t dead but your marketing plan is!

No business can succeed for the long haul without a strong marketing plan. Why should your MLM opportunity be excluded?

Hitting up your friends is a very bad MLM business move. To build your MLM opportunity and earn your dream, you must start with a strong marketing plan.

Your marketing plan can be as simple as formalizing your mission statement. For example, my mission statement is: “Essentially Yours is devoted to helping the Millennial generation find the balance between work and play while making a decent living using solid business building practices.”

Take a look at the mission statement, it contains my target audience the people I cater to, what I do “…find the balance between work and play” and how do I it, teaching the millennia generation how to make a solid business with solid business building techniques.

Now I am sure you are wondering what does the mission statement have to do with the marketing plan? Everything!

A marketing plan with out a mission statement is like a car without wheel, your just not going to get far. Yes, you may luck out for a while but for the long term you must have a mission statement that clearly outlines what you do and who you help to keep you rolling.

Turing your mission statement into a marketing plan is the easy part.

Start by evaluating your marketing options, like business cards, print ads, radio ads, car door magnets and online marketing just to name a few.

Then keep in mind that a good marketing plan may be a part of a business plan but at the foundation you must have a solid market strategy in place to carry out your actions and keep you accountable.

For example, giving your business cards out and leaving them with reputable businesses is a marketing strategy, keeping a box of unopened business cards is not business building strategy. Business cards are meant to be shared, shoved in pockets and passed around.

Rinse and repeat!

Go through your entire list of marketing options and create your marketing strategies (follow up actions). Then spend time everyday acting upon your marketing strategies, these actions will pay off.

Be in the business of actions!

Create your MLM abundance through building a marketing plan built on marketing strategies that keep you moving forward toward your goal.

Set a side time each month to evaluate your marketing plan, see what’s working and how you can tweak things for better response.

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